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Frequently Asked Questions about the rock band BOSTON:

Q. What is BOSTON?
A. BOSTON is a rock band, officially formed in 1975 by Tom Scholz, with roots tracing back to 1969.

Q. Who is in the band?
A. The current members are Tom Scholz (guitar, keyboards, various instruments, vocals), Gary Pihl (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Tommy DeCarlo (vocals), plus Tracy Ferrie (bass, backing vocals) and Jeff Neal (drums, backing vocals), along with Beth Cohen (vocals, guitar, keyboards).

Q. Who else has been a member of BOSTON?
A. Chronological list (including time spent in pre-BOSTON groups with Tom):
  • Tom Scholz (guitar, keyboards, etc.): c. 1970-present
  • Barry Goudreau (guitar): c. 1970-74; 1975-81
  • Jim Masdea (drums, keyboards): c. 1970-75; 1983-88
  • Brad Delp (vocals, guitar): c. 1971-73; 1974-90; 1994-2007
  • Sib Hashian (drums): 1975-1983
  • Fran Sheehan (bass): 1975-1984
  • Gary Pihl (guitar, keyboards): 1985-present
  • Doug Huffman (drums): 1987-1994
  • David Sikes (bass, vocals): 1987-1999
  • Fran Cosmo (vocals, guitar): 1991-2006
  • Curly Smith (drums, harmonica): 1994-2001, 2012-13, some shows on 2014-2017 tours
  • Anthony (Antonio) Cosmo (guitar): 1998-2006
  • Kimberley Dahme (bass, vocals, guitar): 2001-2012, 2014 tour
  • Jeff Neal (drums): 2003-2012, most shows from 2014-2016 tours
  • Michael Sweet (vocals, guitar): 2007 (guest appearance), 2008 tour
  • Tommy DeCarlo (vocals): 2007 (guest appearance), 2008-present
  • David Victor (vocals, guitar): 2012-2014
  • Tracy Ferrie (bass): 2012-present
  • Beth Cohen (vocals, guitar, keyboards): 2015-present

Q. Which former members sat in with BOSTON at the Brad Delp Tribute Concert?

A. The core group of Tom Scholz, Gary Pihl, Kimberley Dahme and Jeff Neal was joined by former BOSTON members Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan, Jim Masdea, David Sikes, Doug Huffman, Fran Cosmo and Curly Smith for the song "Don't Look Back". Michael Sweet also sat in on the band's set, and Charlie Farren and Tommy DeCarlo were each invited to sing lead vocals on one song.

Q. When are their birthdays? Do any of them use pseudonyms?
A. Here is a list:
  • Tom (Donald Thomas Scholz): 3/10/47
  • Brad (Bradley Edward Delp): 6/12/51
  • Barry Louis Goudreau: 11/29/51
  • Fran (Francis E. Sheehan): 3/26/49
  • Sib (John Thomas Hashian): 8/17/49
  • Jim (James H. Masdea): 1951
  • Gary O. Pihl: 11/21/50
  • David Arthur Sikes: 4/25/55
  • Doug (Steven Douglas Huffman): 11/23/49?
  • Curly (William Raymond Smith): 1/31/52
  • Fran Cosmo (Francis Cosmo Migliaccio): 9/3/52?
  • Anthony Cosmo, Antonio Cosmo, Anton Cosmo (Anthony G. Migliaccio): 10/14/**
  • Kimberly K. Dahme: 4/22/**
  • Jeffrey T. Neal: 6/15/69?
  • Tommy (Thomas DeCarlo): 4/23/65
  • Michael Harrison Sweet: 7/4/63
  • David Victor Borgman: 8/7/62
  • Tracy A. Ferrie: 4/5/66
  • Beth Cohen: June 3
** conflicting sources list different birth years

Q. Who came up with the name "BOSTON"?
A. A Rolling Stone article from 1978 stated that the name was suggested by the band's original manager (Paul Ahern). Brad Delp stated in a 1995 interview that the name was suggested by producer John Boylan. Tom Scholz has stated that Boylan and engineer Warren Dewey suggested the name. Regardless, the initial reaction by Tom, Brad & Co. was not enthusiastic.

Q. When is the next BOSTON album coming out? And who will be singing on it?
A. BOSTON's sixth studio album, "LIFE, LOVE & HOPE", was released on December 3rd, 2013. It features lead vocals from Brad Delp, Tommy DeCarlo, Kimberley Dahme, David Victor, and Tom Scholz.

Q. When is BOSTON going to tour again?
A. BOSTON toured in 2017. They also toured in 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2012, and also played a short set at the Boston Strong benefit concert in May 2013.

Q. Where can I get a list of BOSTON's past tourdates?
A. A list of tourdates can be found at the band's official website as well as http://atlas.kennesaw.edu/cgi-bin/dhirschl/bosttour.cgi

Q. Are there any other significant BOSTON-related websites or message boards?
A. Yes. http://www.boston.org was created in the mid-1990s and was recently incorporated into the official http://www.bandboston.com website. http://www.thirdstage.ca is another popular site.

Q. What are Orion The Hunter, RTZ, BeatleJuice, Alliance, Innocent, Cosmo, Ernie & The Automatics and Color Three?
A. Those are side projects featuring various members of BOSTON:
  • Orion The Hunter featured Barry Goudreau and Fran Cosmo, along with former Heart drummer Michael De Rosier and bassist Bruce Smith. They formed in 1983, released one album, and toured with Aerosmith in 1984. Brad Delp co-wrote five of the nine songs on their self-titled album, and he also contributed backing vocals to three tracks. (It's rumored that Brad and Sib Hashian were going to be full-time members of the band, but their commitments to BOSTON prevented them from doing so.) Brian Maes (later of RTZ) joined the band for their tour, and David Stefanelli also worked with the group c. 1984/85. The group broke up in 1985, with Cosmo and Smith subsequently forming a short-lived group with guitarists Michael Schenker and Roland Jones. (In 2010, Fran uploaded 5 of that band's demos to his Facebook and YouTube pages.) Incidentally, the original name of the band was just "Orion" but Barry changed the name after discovering that an artist in Nashville (and/or Orion Pictures) owned the rights to the name "Orion".
  • RTZ featured Barry Goudreau and Brad Delp, along with Brian Maes (keyboards, harmonica), Tim Archibald (bass) and David Stefanelli (drums). They formed in 1989 and broke up in 1994. They released their debut album ("RETURN TO ZERO") in 1991. A follow-up album was shelved before surfacing in 1998 under the title "LOST". After the group split up, the three non-BOSTON members joined Peter Wolf's band. Some of the earliest RTZ-related demos were recorded by Barry with vocalists Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto) and John Warren.
  • BeatleJuice is a Beatles tribute band that was fronted by Brad Delp from 1995-2007. Other members included Bob Squires (lead guitar), Joe Holaday (bass), Steve Baker (keyboards, rhythm guitar, harmonica) and drummer John "Muzz" Muzzy. Baker had played piano on the "ORION THE HUNTER" album, and Muzz was in Farrenheit (the band that opened for BOSTON on the 1987 tour).
  • Alliance is a studio project featuring Gary Pihl, along with singer Robert Berry, plus keyboardist Alan "Fitz" Gerald (ex-Night Ranger) and drummer David Lauser (who had played with Pihl in Sammy Hagar's band). They released their debut album in 1996, a second album in 1999, and a third album in 2008. They were nominated for a Grammy Award in 2007 for the song "This Is The World".
  • Innocent was a studio project featuring David Sikes and Curly Smith, along with singer Jesse Bradman and guitarist Bob Gilles. They released their self-titled debut album in 1997. Some members of the band released a follow-up album in 1998, titled "NOT SO INNOCENT".
  • Cosmo is a group featuring Fran Cosmo and his son Anthony Cosmo. The band also included Billy Carmen and Tom Moonan, who had appeared on "CORPORATE AMERICA". Anthony Cosmo has also played with numerous other groups, including SuperCell, ATOM, The Casting, Mercy Grail, ABK (A Beautiful Khaos), Waking The Parade, and Clouds And Kingdoms. He began performing under the name Anton Cosmo in 2010.
  • Ernie And The Automatics featured Barry Goudreau on guitar and Sib Hashian on drums, along with Boston-area auto dealer Ernie Boch Jr. on guitar. The group also included Tim Archibald and Brian Maes from RTZ. They formed in 2006 and released their debut album in February 2009, which included a blues version of RTZ's "Until Your Love Comes Back Around". The band went on hiatus in 2012.
  • Color Three is a side project featuring Kimberley Dahme (vocals & bass), Gary Pihl (guitar & vocals), and Jeff Neal (drums & vocals). They released their debut album "PAINT BY NUMBER" in 2013.
  • Engine Room is a band featuring Barry Goudreau, Brian Maes, and Tim Archibald. They formed in late 2016 and released their debut album in April 2017.

Q. Why didn't Brad Delp sing on the "WALK ON" album?
A. As Brad explained in a 2003 interview:

"The question is really how did I leave in the first place! The truth of the matter is that I never really left. I defacto removed myself. I worked on a project with Barry Goudreau, who was on the first couple of Boston records. We always have gotten together socially but before we knew it we had an albums worth of material and we did a project called RTZ. We got a record deal very quickly and they lined up a tour for us. Just as I was about to go out on tour I got a call from Tom and he told me that he was ready for me to record the vocals on the album 'Walk On'. That is how Tom and I work. We really only see each other when it is time to work. Apparently, we have different social agendas or something. I might get a call from him to come in and then not see him for another month or so. He will go off and work on guitar parts or various other things. I had to tell him that I had another record coming out and that I could not come in right then. He had to decide whether to wait and let me finish the tour or to press on without me. He pressed on and got Fran Cosmo involved and Fran did all the vocals on the record. When I got off the tour with Barry, Boston was just starting to go on tour so Tom, quite graciously actually, invited me to go on the tour."

Q. If Brad didn't sing on the "WALK ON" album, why is he credited with co-writing the song "Walk On"?
A. The song "Walk On" traces its origins to the late 1970s or early 1980s with a song Brad wrote called "Rock On" (also known as "Rockin' On"). Tom incorporated parts of that song into "Walk On", so Brad received a co-writing credit for it.

Q. Why did MCA Records and BOSTON part ways? Did BOSTON have a multi-album contract with them?
A. Tom signed consecutive one-album deals with MCA. According to various reports, MCA was unhappy with "WALK ON", and Tom was reportedly unhappy with MCA's reluctance to promote it. So the two parties decided to part ways.

Q. Why was the 1997 "GREATEST HITS" album released on Epic Records? Didn't Tom Scholz have a giant legal battle with Epic in the 1980s?
A. Tom's legal battle was with Epic's parent company, CBS. But by 1997 Epic was owned by Sony, and most of the executives who worked for Epic in the 1970s and 1980s were long gone by 1997.

Q. What was Downer's Revenge?
A. That was the fake band name that was used to leak the song "Corporate America" in 2002.

Q. Did BOSTON sue Artemis Records?
A. Yes. Tom filed suit in June 2003, alleging that the label did not promote "CORPORATE AMERICA" as promised.

Q. Who are the new names on the "THIRD STAGE," "WALK ON", "GREATEST HITS", "CORPORATE AMERICA" and "LIFE, LOVE & HOPE" liner notes?
A. Some answers:
  • Jerry Green (co-writer, "Can'tcha Say"): Green (full name: Gerald F. Green) is a part-time songwriter and full time business owner. He had played keyboards in a band called Eyes in the late 1970s. His version of "Can'tcha Say" is different from BOSTON's version, but it is not known if that original version was ever recorded (it may have been written under the title "Don't Say Goodbye").
  • Tommy Funderburk (various vocals on the "WALK ON" album): a professional studio vocalist whom record producers frequently hire to enhance the vocal sound of a song. He has contributed to many thousands of songs over the course of his career.
  • Michael Shotton (backing vocals on "I Need Your Love" and "Walk On"): A vocalist/drummer from Canada who reportedly auditioned to replace Brad Delp as BOSTON's lead singer c. 1990. He didn't get the job, but he did end up contributing backing vocals to two tracks. Shotton had played in a band called Von Groove.
  • Bob Cedro (co-writer & guitar on "We Can Make It"; percussion on the "WALK ON" album): Bob worked at SR&D and also toured with BOSTON on the 1987 and 1995 tours (doing behind-the-scenes work). Bob also played in a Boston-area band called Egypt.
  • Fred Sampson (co-writer, "I Need Your Love"): Fred also worked at SR&D. Fred later collaborated with Gary Pihl on some songs, but it isn't known if any of the material was formally offered to BOSTON.
  • Joe Laquidara (co-writer, "Surrender To Me"): Joe is a Boston-area music producer and engineer.
  • Galen Toye Foulke (co-writer, "Magdalene"): "Rusty" Foulke wrote the original version of "Magdalene" for the band Hybrid Ice in the early 1980s. Tom first heard the song around 1984 and considered recording it for "THIRD STAGE", but those plans fell through. Instead, Tom and David Sikes re-worked it for "WALK ON". Rusty later joined the band Cosmo.
  • Kimberly Jorgensen (Serenity Prayer on "Higher Power"):
  • Beth Cohen (flute & vocals on "You Gave Up On Love"): a singer from Miami; she worked with Tom on some demos after the "Walk On" tour and later joined the band for the 2015 and 2016 tours; she has worked as a backing vocalist for dozens of well-known performers over the last 20 years.
  • Charlie Farren (vocals on "You Gave Up On Love): Charlie was the lead singer for Farrenheit (which opened for BOSTON on their 1987 tour) and the Joe Perry Project.
  • Billy Carmen & Tom Moonan (bass & drums on "Turn It Off" and "Cryin'"): they had played with Fran and Anthony Cosmo in Cosmo. Moonan and his brother Brian Moonan also wrote some songs with Fran Cosmo in 2002-03.
  • Janet Minto (co-writer, "Didn't Mean To Fall In Love"): a songwriter and ex-wife of Van Morrison; she's also known as "Janet Planet".
  • Louis St. August (vocals, "Heaven On Earth"): lead singer of the heavy metal band MASS

Q. What was SR&D?
A. Scholz Research & Development was a company formed by Tom Scholz around 1980. They produced electronic equipment for musicians, including the popular Power Soak and Rockman devices. The Rockman product line was sold to Dunlop Manufacturing in February 1995, and SR&D shut down in December 1995. Tom had another company, called Hybrid Design, but it too has been disbanded.

Q. Did Rik Emmett (of '80s Canadian rock band Triumph) almost join BOSTON?
A. Yes (according to Emmett). Emmett says that Tom Scholz invited him to join BOSTON for the 1995 tour, but he declined.

Q. Is the Eric Carr who co-engineered "DON'T LOOK BACK" the same Eric Carr who was the drummer for Kiss from 1981 to 1991?
A. No. Kiss' Eric Carr was born Paul Caravallo.

Q. Liner notes for "THIRD STAGE" state that "I Think I Like It" is a "rewrite of a rocker by John English composed over 13 years ago." Who is John English, and is there another version of "I Think I Like It"?
A. John English is actually Jon DeBrigard, who played in some of the same clubs as Tom in the early 1970s. When writing songs for "THIRD STAGE" Tom remembered a song DeBrigard used to play and used it as the inspiration for "I Think I Like It." However, Tom didn't know DeBrigard's real name because he performed under the guise of "Johnny Tomorrow." But Tom thought that he "looked like he was English" -- hence, "John English." DeBrigard recorded his own version of "I Think I Like It" in 1989 but it was not released until 2000.

Q. Who is Michelle Scholz, whom Tom thanks in the "THIRD STAGE" liner notes?
A. Michelle Scholz is Tom's younger sister.

Q. What about the rest of Tom's family? Wasn't his dad a home builder?
A. Yes. Tom's father, Donald J. Scholz, was a custom home builder in Toledo, Ohio, and many neighborhoods in Ohio feature "Scholz homes". Tom's father passed away in 1999; the family business was subsequently headed by Tom's older brother, John. Tom's mother Olive was a landscape architect.

Q. What happened to all the former members of BOSTON? Did they get fired?
A. Summary:
  • Barry Goudreau: left in early 1981, related in some part to the release of (or the promotion of) his solo record.
  • Sib Hashian: was replaced by Jim Masdea sometime around 1982-83 for unspecified reasons. (A 1987 magazine article indicated that Sib and Tom disagreed on the theories of drumbeat placement.)
  • Fran Sheehan: unknown, although he was still technically in the band through 1983. Some reports have hinted that Fran's dismissal was related to his testimony during the CBS lawsuit.
  • Jim Masdea: Jim was replaced in 1975 due to pressure from Tom's newly-hired managers (and/or pressure from the record label). It isn't known why he left the band after the 1987 tour.
  • Doug Huffman: there was an unconfirmed rumor that Tom fired Doug in 1994 because Doug had been playing demo tapes of "WALK ON" to friends. Regardless, Doug has stated "we're all still friends" and "no hard feelings".
  • David Sikes: David left in 1999, possibly relating to David's salary (or lack thereof) when the band was off the road. He moved to California and became an insurance agent.
  • Curly Smith: unknown, although he was still technically in the band through early 2001. He re-joined BOSTON for the 2012 tour and also sat in on a few shows in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • Anthony Cosmo: reportedly related to Anthony's solo projects and whether they were promoted in connection with the band name "BOSTON". Anthony's departure occurred sometime between January and October 2006.
  • Fran Cosmo: believed to be connected to Anthony Cosmo's departure
  • Kimberley Dahme: although she did not participate in the 2012 tour, she announced on her website that "I'm looking forward to rejoining them again in the near future" and she re-joined the band for the 2014 tour.
  • Jeff Neal: Gary Pihl stated in 2012 that Jeff was "taking some well-deserved time off to spend time with his young family"; he re-joined the band for the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 tours. 
  • David Victor: David and BOSTON parted ways during the 2014 tour (shortly before the July 8 show in New York). There has been no official explanation for the departure. David returned to his previous band, BOSTYX. 

Q. What happened to Nick D'Virgilio? Wasn't he going to play on the 2015 tour?
A. In early April 2015, it was announced that D'Virgilio would fill-in on drums for Jeff Neal for the first 12 shows of the 2015 tour. However, Nick wrote on his Facebook page on April 24th that "After a few rehearsals it was clear that it was not the right fit for them or me." There was a mutual decision to part ways. Tom brought back Curly Smith to fill in for Jeff for the first part of the tour. 

Q. How many different people have sued BOSTON and/or Tom Scholz?
A. CBS, Paul Ahern (at least twice), Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian (1987), David Sikes (1999) and apparently Jim Masdea and Fran Sheehan. Goudreau and Ahern may have actually sued Tom twice (in the early '80s and late '80s). Goudreau sued around 1981 over royalties he said were promised to him when he left the band.

Tom won the CBS lawsuit, settled out of court with his former bandmates, and won most of his appeal after initially losing the first Paul Ahern lawsuit.

Q. Is it true that Tom sued Anthony Cosmo? Has he sued any other members of BOSTON?
A. Yes. Tom filed suit in December 2006, alleging that Anthony Cosmo violated his contract by using the "BOSTON" name to promote a solo concert. Cosmo argued that the contract was null-and-void. The lawsuit was subsequently dropped and/or settled out of court.

Tom also filed a lawsuit against Fran Sheehan in 1986 and also filed a lawsuits against Barry Goudreau (in 2009 and April 2013) over Barry allegedly using the band name "BOSTON" without permission.

Q. Is it true that Tom sued Micki Delp and Connie Goudreau?
A. Yes. Tom filed suit in October 2007, alleging that Micki Delp (Brad's ex-wife) and Connie Goudreau (Barry's wife -- and Micki's sister) attempted to interfere with Tom's charitable foundation. The suit also accused Micki Delp of defamation in regards to her alleged description (in a Boston Herald article) of Tom's relationship with Brad. Scholz subsequently settled out of court with Connie Goudreau, and a judge dismissed the case against Micki Delp in August 2011.

Q. Is it true that Tom sued the Boston Herald newspaper?
A. Yes. Tom filed a libel suit in March 2010, alleging that two of the paper's reporters fabricated and/or distorted quotes by Micki Delp. That case was dismissed by a judge in March 2013.

Q. Is it true that Tom sued former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee?
A. No, but Tom did request that Huckabee stop using "More Than A Feeling" at campaign events in 2008.

Q. Did Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan and Sib Hashian actually play on the first two albums, or were they just "hired hands" brought in to complete the touring lineup?
A. Sib played most of the drum parts on the first two albums (Jim Masdea played on "Rock And Roll Band" and Tom played some parts himself), and Sib also played on numerous "THIRD STAGE" sessions through 1982/83. Barry played the lead guitar parts on "Long Time," "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" and "Used To Bad News", but Tom has stated that Barry only played on a few other released BOSTON recordings ("Foreplay", "Don't Look Back", "Don't Be Afraid", "The Journey", and possibly one other song from the second album). However, Barry has indicated that he contributed to additional recordings on the first album. Barry also played on numerous BOSTON-related demo recordings from 1970 to 1974.

As for Fran, Tom says that he only played bass on 3 released BOSTON recordings: "Foreplay," "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" and "Don't Look Back."  Fran has also indicated that he made contributions to early "THIRD STAGE" sessions.

Q. Is it true that some BOSTON songs were recorded in Los Angeles in 1976, without Tom?
A. Yes. Brad, Barry, Sib and probably Fran recorded "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" in Los Angeles with producer John Boylan, while Tom worked on the debut album in Boston. However, Tom did play on the song -- he added his parts when the tapes were brought back to Boston.

Q. Were any other songs recorded in Los Angeles? Are they the same tracks from the "BARRY GOUDREAU" album (which was also produced by John Boylan)?
A. The only other song known to have been recorded in L.A. was "Disco Madness" (reportedly written by Brad Delp and not Sib Hashian, as previously believed). Tom Scholz once stated that a total of 3 songs were recorded in Los Angeles. A few of the songs from the "BARRY GOUDREAU" album were submitted for possible inclusion on BOSTON's third album, but it has yet to be confirmed if any of those songs have origins dating back to 1976.

Q. Who played bass on the "BARRY GOUDREAU" album?
A. Barry did. Barry is credited for bass on the 1996 CD re-issue of the album, and he was also credited for bass on a 1980 press release. However, when it came time to film the "Dreams" promotional video, Fran Cosmo was brought in to "play" the bass. To add to the confusion, a different press release from 1980 credited Cosmo with "Vocals & Bass."

Q. Who sang lead vocals on "Sailin' Away" (on the "BARRY GOUDREAU" album)?
A. Brad Delp.

Q. Did RTZ release a song titled "In The Name Of Love"?
A. No. That was by a band called "RTZ Belguim," no relation to the original RTZ.

Q. Which Sammy Hagar songs feature members of BOSTON?
A. Two Sammy Hagar songs are known to feature Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau and Sib Hashian on backing vocals: "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" (an Otis Redding cover, released in June 1979 as a 7" and 12" single) and "Falling In Love" (released on Hagar's 1979 album "STREET MACHINE"). Both tracks were recorded in January 1979 during a tour break in Atlanta. Another possibility is the song "I've Done Everything For You" -- Gary Pihl was once quoted as stating that the BOSTON members may have sang on "the flip side of the 'Dock Of The Bay' single".

There is also the case of Hagar's 1980 album "DANGER ZONE". Tom Scholz was signed to produce this album, and actually supervised the recording of drum and bass tracks, plus some early guitar tracks. However, CBS ordered Tom to abandon the project, claiming that Scholz couldn't produce any other artists until he completed the third BOSTON album. Although Tom should have been credited as co-producer, the original album sleeve only stated, "Inspiration, pre-production arrangements, and drums recorded by Tom Scholz." The 1995 CD re-issue of "DANGER ZONE" credits Tom as full producer for one song ("Run For Your Life").

Finally, a 1992 live recording of "When It's Love" (featuring Barry, Sib & Fran Sheehan on backing vocals) was released on Hagar's "LIVE - HALLELUJAH" CD.

Q. In the early 1980s there was a rumor of a "lost BOSTON album" -- allegedly recorded but never released. What's the story behind this?
A. While there has been no official story to explain this rumor, it is believed that this "lost BOSTON album" was in fact an early version of "THIRD STAGE". (All but two of the songs on that album were at least partially recorded by 1983). A bootlegged version of "Amanda" was leaked to some radio stations in 1984, which only added fuel to the fire. (Note: there is some evidence that it was actually CBS that issued "Amanda" to radio stations in 1984).

Q. I have a bootleg CD called "Mission Aborted" which claims to contain a "lost BOSTON album"? Is this true?
A. No. The CD contains 6 of the 7 'Mother's Milk' demos (excluding "Foreplay") and all 6 of the infamous 'Trashcan' demos from the early 1970s. The remaining tracks on the CD are copied directly from Barry Goudreau's 1980 solo album.

Q. Wasn't "DON'T LOOK BACK" originally supposed to be titled "ARRIVAL"?
A. Yes. And Epic went so far as to create some promotional material advertising a BOSTON album titled "ARRIVAL". But when the band realized that ABBA had already released an album with that name, they decided to change the title to "DON'T LOOK BACK".

Q. Does BOSTON hold the record for "Best Selling Debut Album Of All Time" or not?
A. From 1986 through 2008, Boston held the record for Best Selling Debut Album. Since September 2008 the honor has belonged to Guns n' Roses' "APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION".

(It's worth noting that "APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION" was technically the band's 2nd release, following the 1986 E.P. "Live Like A Suicide".)

Q. Isn't the "BOSTON" album the #2 All-Time seller, behind only Michael Jackson's "THRILLER"?
A. Not anymore. For a brief period in 1995 "BOSTON" held the #2 spot, with 15 million copies sold. But several albums have since passed it.

Q. What are the sales numbers for the other BOSTON albums?
A. Exact sales numbers aren't known, because the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) will only calculate an album's sales numbers if the artist or record label requests it (and pays for it). Here are the latest official U.S. sales numbers:
  • "BOSTON": 17 million (last updated 11/20/2003)
  • "DON'T LOOK BACK": 7 million (last updated 4/11/1996)
  • "THIRD STAGE": 4 million (last updated 2/26/1987)
  • "WALK ON": 1 million (last updated 9/8/1994)
  • "GREATEST HITS": 2 million (last updated 12/4/2003)
  • "CORPORATE AMERICA": unknown (no entry in RIAA database; some have estimated the number at 200,000)
  • "LIFE, LOVE & HOPE": unknown (no entry in RIAA database)

Q. Which band beat BOSTON for the 1976 Grammy award for "Best New Artist"?
A. That would be the Starland Vocal Band -- which, in typical Grammy tradition, soon folded and never had another hit song.

Q. Is the song "Rock & Roll Band" autobiographical?
A. No. Tom was inspired by the experiences of Jim Masdea, who had been playing in various bands around Boston in the early 1970s. Jim would frequently tell Tom about how close a certain band was to signing a recording contract, and Tom used these alleged close encounters as the basis for "Rock & Roll Band."

Q. Who was 'Marianne'?
A. She was Tom's older cousin. Tom had a crush on her when he was 13 years old.

Q. What is the song "Fiveplay"?
A. The 1976 promotional album "IT'S A KNOCKOUT" contains an alternate mix of "Foreplay/Long Time", except that it is titled "Foreplay; Fiveplay; Long Time". The two songs are the same length, but the promo version has a different mix, plus some alternate vocals and some alternate sound effects at the end of the "Foreplay" section.

Q. What is the song "Get Reorgan-ized"?
A. On the vinyl and cassette pressings of "WALK ON", the "Walk On Medley" is split in half. "Get Organ-ized" fades out at the end of Side A, and resumes as "Get Reorgan-ized" at the beginning of Side B.

Q. Is "Walk On (Long Walk)" different from "Walk On (Longer Walk)"?
A. No. When this particular version of "Walk On" (edited to 7:54) was released as the B-side of "What's Your Name," it was labelled as the 'Long Walk.' Yet the same version was issued on a promotional CD single as the 'Longer Walk.'

Q. What about the song "Crystal Love"?
A. That was a fake recording that was uploaded to Napster in the 1990s and incorrectly credited to BOSTON. The song has nothing to do with BOSTON or Tom Scholz. (Contrary to some reports, the song was not released on any version of "CORPORATE AMERICA".) Apparently the real artist behind the song was a Korean guitarist named Lee Hyun Suk.

Q. What exactly am I hearing during the middle section of "I Need Your Love"?
A. While some have speculated that this segment features Tom speaking "subaudible Portuguese narratives" (based on the "WALK ON" liner notes), at least part of the verse seems to be spoken in English. It sounds like Tom says:

It's like a dream, like a dream that keeps coming back
This empty feeling won't go away
I want you back with every breath I take

Q. What is being spoken during the middle of "Higher Power"?
A. It is the "Serenity Prayer," written by Reinhold Niebuhr in 1932 and often associated with Alcoholic Anonymous and other 12-step programs. The text in BOSTON's version (as read by Kimberly Jorgensen) goes like this:

Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.
Thy will, not mine, shall be done.

Q. What is being spoken during the middle of "Corporate America"?
A. It sounds like Tom is saying:

I see the future in the past
The reckless ride of modern man
Just took the corner way too fast
Flattened everything that stands
Fooled by the sales pitch
For progress at a dizzy pace
We idolize the filthy rich
For giving us synthetic taste
Computer calls, urban sprawl
Is the world a better place?
Is the world a better place?

Q. Has BOSTON ever performed "I Need Your Love" in concert?
A. Yes. The song was performed at most of the shows on the 1997 tour. It was not performed live on the 1995 tour.

Q. Has BOSTON ever performed "Heaven On Earth" in concert?
A. Yes. It was performed on the 2017 tour, with Tommy DeCarlo handling the vocals. It was not performed on the 2014, 2015 or 2016 tours.

Q. Are there any BOSTON songs that have never been performed live?
A. "We Can Make It", "Stare Out Your Window", "Didn't Mean To Fall In Love", "Sail Away", "If You Were In Love", "Someday", "Love Got Away" and "The Way You Look Tonight." "It's Easy" was reportedly attempted a few times in 1978, but the vocal arrangements were too complex to pull off.

Q. Did Brad Delp ever sing lead vocals on a live version of a song that was originally recorded by Fran Cosmo? Did Fran ever sing a song that originally featured Brad?
A. Brad never sang a complete lead vocal on any BOSTON songs that were originally recorded by Fran, but he did trade lines on "Surrender To Me" and he always added backing vocals to Fran's songs. Also, RTZ used to do a version of "All Those Years", which was originally released by Fran and Orion The Hunter in 1984.  Michael Sweet and Tommy DeCarlo sang "Walk On" on the 2008 tour, and DeCarlo and and David Victor sang "Walk On" and "Surrender To Me" on the 2012 and 2014 tours, while Kimberley Dahme sang "Surrender To Me" on the latter part of the 2014 tour, and Beth Cohen sang "Walk On" and part of "Higher Power" on the 2016 tour.

As for Fran, he often traded vocals with Brad on "Cool The Engines", "Rock & Roll Band" and "Smokin'". And at the December 13, 1994 concert at the House Of Blues, Fran sang lead vocals on several classic BOSTON songs while Brad was recovering from laryngitis. Fran has also performed various classic BOSTON songs at his solo concerts.

Q. Who is the girl who sang "Walk On" for some shows of the 2014 tour?
A. That was Siobhan Magnus, who was a finalist on American Idol in 2009. She's also Tracy Ferrie's niece.

Q. Did BOSTON ever make any promotional videos?
A. Yes. Crude videos were filmed for "More Than A Feeling" and "Long Time", with the band lip-synching on a sound stage. CBS also made a 3-song promotional film of BOSTON's 1978 concert at New York's Nassau Coliseum. This featured live footage of the band backed by the studio versions of the songs ("Don't Look Back," "A Man I'll Never Be" and "Party"). The band also made a promo video for the song "Corporate America". No videos were made to promote "THIRD STAGE" or "WALK ON". Tom reportedly wanted to produce videos for "WALK ON", but due to various disagreements between Tom and the record label, no videos were made. There were also promo videos for Barry Goudreau's "Dreams," Orion The Hunter's "So You Ran" and RTZ's "Face The Music," "Until Your Love Comes Back Around" and "Set The Songbird Free."

Q. Have any BOSTON songs been remixed?
A. A few remixes are known to exist:
  • Peace Of Mind (7" version is edited to 3:38 and also features an alternate vocal take; this version was also included on the 1977 promo album "EPIC ROCKS")
  • Foreplay; Fiveplay; Long Time (features some alternate vocals; issued on the 1976 promo album "IT'S A KNOCKOUT")
  • More Than A Feeling, Peace Of Mind, Rock & Roll Band, Smokin', Hitch A Ride, Foreplay/Long Time (isolated mixes from the "Rock Band" video game; several songs feature alternate bits not heard on the original versions of the songs)
  • Feelin' Satisfied (it is believed that some pressings of "DON'T LOOK BACK" have a slightly different version of the song)
  • Amanda (the version leaked to radio stations in 1984 is slightly different; the most notable difference is that there are drum beats instead of a bell at 1:28)
  • We're Ready (on some pressings of "THIRD STAGE", there is an extra "Come on, yeah" at the 3:04 point)
  • Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me) (on some pressings of "THIRD STAGE", a very faint repeat of the word "can'tcha" can be heard just before the beginning of this song)
  • Star Spangled Banner/4th Of July Reprise (the version issued on a promo CD single in the summer of 1994 does not feature as much echo or reverb as the version on "GREATEST HITS")
  • Higher Power [Kalodner Edit] (features an acoustic intro and some slightly different vocals)
  • Turn It Off (the version that aired during BOSTON's 1999 Rockline appearance is slightly different than the version on "CORPORATE AMERICA")
  • Someone (the version that aired during BOSTON's 1999 Rockline appearance is slightly different than the version on "CORPORATE AMERICA")
  • Higher Power (the version on the 2009 "GREATEST HITS" may be a slightly different mix)
  • I Need Your Love (the version on the 2009 "GREATEST HITS" may be a slightly different mix)
  • Someone (the version on "LIFE LOVE & HOPE" is a remix)
  • You Gave Up On Love (the version on "LIFE LOVE & HOPE" is a remix)
  • I Had A Good Time (the version on "LIFE LOVE & HOPE" features some Spanish lyrics, and has been re-titled "Te Quiero Mia")
  • Someday (the Japanese "LIFE LOVE & HOPE" CD contains a version with Tom on vocals)
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (the version released to iTunes in 2013 is a remix of the 2002 studio version, featuring some new guitar parts; it's also titled "God Rest Ye Metal Gentlemen 2013") 
  • Heaven On Earth, Last Day Of School, The Way You Look Tonight, Life Love & Hope, Someday, O Canada, God Rest Ye Metal Gentlemen (the versions on the vinyl edition of "LIFE LOVE & HOPE" received special analog mixes)
Other edited songs:
  • More Than A Feeling [3:25 edit on 7" single]
  • Long Time [3:03 edit on 7" single]
  • Don't Look Back [4:05 edit on 7" promotional single]
  • A Man I'll Never Be [3:49 edit on 7" single]
  • Feelin' Satisfied [3:30 edit on 7" single]
  • We're Ready [3:49 on 7" promo single]
  • Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me)/Still In Love [3:58 edit on 7" single]
  • Hollyann [4:22 edit on 7" single]
  • I Need Your Love [4:05 edit on 7"/cassette single]
  • I Need Your Love (Shortened Intro) [3:54 edit on promotional CD single]
  • Walk On (Long Walk) [7:54 edit on 7"/cassette single]
  • Walk On (Short Walk) [3:39 edit on promo CD single]
  • Surrender To Me (Short Version) [3:43 edit on promo CD single]
  • Surrender To Me (Medium Version) [4:18 edit on promo CD single]
  • What's Your Name (Single Edit) [3:31 edit on promo CD single]
  • Livin' For You (Single Edit) [3:44 edit on promo CD single]
  • Livin' For You (Single Edit w/Shortened Instrumental) [3:30 edit on promo CD single]
  • Livin' For You (Single Edit w/No Instrumental) [2:46 edit on promo CD single]
  • Higher Power [edit on promo CD single; different from the Kalodner Edit]
  • Cryin' [edit on promo CD single]

Q. Did BOSTON ever make any official appearances on radio or TV shows?
A. A few. The most famous radio appearance was a 1977 broadcast on the King Biscuit Flower Hour (featuring soundboard recordings from Long Beach, California). Setlist:
  • Rock & Roll Band
  • Shattered Images (aka "Help Me")
  • More Than A Feeling (including extended ending)
  • Something About You
  • Man I'll Never Be
  • Smokin'
  • Guitar solo/Blues song
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Foreplay/Long Time
  • Television Politician
The King Biscuit people recorded multiple shows, parts of which eventually surfaced on Wolfgang's Vault (including one song that was never aired, "Don't Be Afraid")

Also, concerts in Cleveland (9/27/76) and Philadelphia (12/18?/76) were aired on local radio stations.

Cleveland setlist:
  • Rock & Roll Band
  • Shattered Images
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Something About You
  • A Man I'll Never Be
  • Smokin'/Guitar solo
  • Foreplay/Long Time
  • Don't Be Afraid
  • More Than A Feeling
Philadelphia setlist:
  • Rock & Roll Band
  • Shattered Images
  • More Than A Feeling
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Something About You
  • Smokin'/Guitar solo
  • Foreplay/Long Time
  • Television Politician
  • Don't Be Afraid

BOSTON also appeared on radio station WHJY in December 2002 to promote "CORPORATE AMERICA". Several songs were performed live in the studio:

  • I Had A Good Time
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Corporate America
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  • Turn It Off
  • Smokin'

RTZ did at least two radio concerts: one from Cleveland, Ohio and another from Baltimore, Maryland. BeatleJuice made made at least one radio appearance, in 1995.

BOSTON first televised concert performance was at the 2002 Fiesta Bowl (performing the national anthem). In 2013, their performance at the Boston Strong benefit concert was aired on select outlets. Also, clips of BOSTON concerts were aired on a Canadian show in 1988 and a local Boston TV station in December 1994. RTZ also made one television appearance, on ABC's "In Concert" in 1991.

Q. I have a bootleg album called "We Found It In The Trashcan, Honest!", which appears to be early demos of the songs from the first BOSTON album. What's the story here?
A. Those are the infamous homemade recordings Tom Scholz made in his basement c. 1974-1975, which he then shopped around to various record companies. After securing the contract with CBS/Epic, the songs on the demos were ALL RE-RECORDED. Tom played all musical instruments except drums (which were played by Jim Masdea) and Brad Delp sang all vocals. According to Tom, two of the songs (including "More Than A Feeling") were actually completed AFTER the band's first audition with CBS/Epic.

Track list:
  • Rock N Roll Band
  • It Isn't Easy [aka "Life Isn't Easy"; early version of "Something About You"]
  • More Than A Feeling
  • Don't Be Afraid Of Love [aka "Love"]
  • Peace Of Mind
  • San Francisco Day [early version of "Hitch A Ride"]
Incidentally, Tom claims that these tapes were NOT found in a trashcan; according to Tom, the tapes were stolen.

Q. Have any other early demo tapes surfaced?
A. Yes. Another tape of demos surfaced in 1995.  This tape (most likely recorded c. 1971-73) was recorded under the band name Mother's Milk, and includes a studio version of "Shattered Images" as well as a couple unreleased originals. This demo tape also featured Brad Delp on lead vocals, but other singers contributed to the backing vocals (Barry Goudreau has indicated that he sang on "San Francisco Day", and Fran Sheehan has indicated that he contributed vocals to some Mother's Milk recordings). Barry Goudreau also played guitar on the demos, while Tom played multiple instruments and Jim Masdea played drums. Frank Cremone may have played bass.

Track list:
  • Don't Be Afraid Of Love
  • Shattered Images
  • San Francisco Day
  • Shakin' [aka "Mother's Milk Shake"; early version of "Smokin'"]
  • She's A Looker/
  • Talkin' To The Wall [aka "Won't Respond"]
  • Foreplay

Q. Is it true that the band was originally known as Mother's Milk?
A. Not exactly. Mother's Milk was one of the many band names that Tom, Barry and Brad played under between 1969 and 1975. Barry and Brad have indicated that the name "Mother's Milk" was used as early as 1969, but Tom has stated that the name was not used until early 1973. (Tom says the name of the original band was "Freehold"). Tom considers each of these bands to be completely separate from BOSTON, which did not officially exist until late 1975 and was not given a formal name until January 1976.

Q. Is it true that there was another drummer before Sib? And another singer before Brad? Was Brad briefly replaced in the 1980s?
A. A drummer named David Currier was brought in for the first Epic audition in November 1975, but he decided not to join the group. (He later went on to have a long career as a session drummer.) Tom worked with at least 2 singers prior to meeting Brad Delp: Kevin Clougherty and Ron Patti. Clougherty was the vocalist in the first band that featured Tom, Barry and Jim in 1970, while Patti had been in a band called Boston Creme and sang on some of Tom's earliest demos. One magazine article claimed that Tom worked with over a dozen singers between 1969 and 1975.

As for Brad being replaced, a 1987 magazine article states that Tom had made some recordings with another singer to see if CBS executives could tell the difference between Brad and a soundalike. It isn't known if these recordings are related to the rumor that Brad took an extended hiatus from the band sometime between 1981 and 1984.

Q. Are there any other BOSTON bootleg albums or CDs?
A. While the BOSTON Office does not encourage fans to seek out bootleg recordings, several albums and CDs have surfaced over the years:
  • "We Found It In The Trashcan, Honest!" (1975 demo tapes)
  • "Alive! Long Beach California '78" (King Biscuit Flower Hour, with the blues song, guitar solo and "Television Politician")
  • "The Band From The Platinum Basement" (KBFH; same as "Alive")
  • "Space Invasion" (KBFH; with "Television Politician")
  • "Journey Through The Past" (Essen, West Germany 9/22/79; 2-LPs)
  • "It's Been Such A Long Time" (Indianapolis, IN 9/26/87; 2-LPs)
  • "Once Upon A Time" (KBFH; CD)
  • "From Here To Eternity" (KBFH; CD)
  • "Mary Ann" (Worcester, MA 1987 + 2 1975 demos)
  • "Cherry Blossom Tour" (Tokyo, Japan 4/20/79; 2-CDs)
  • "Live USA" (KBFH)
  • "Live In Concert" (KBFH; available with 2 different covers)
  • "More Than Third Stage" (Oakland, CA 7/25/87; 2-CDs)
  • "Long Time - Live In USA 1995" (Jones Beach, NY 6/6/95; 2-CDs)
  • "Past Invitation 1977" (KBFH; with "Television Politician")
  • "Mission Aborted" (Mother's Milk & Trashcan demos, plus songs from Barry Goudreau's LP)
  • "Foreplay" (San Diego, CA 7/18/95; 2-CDs)
  • "Party To Boston" (Boston Garden, 11/6/78; 2-CDs)
  • "Greatest Hits Live" (San Diego, CA 8/11/97; 2-CDs)
  • "Launch Pad" (KBFH)
  • "More Than A Feeling" (Cleveland 9/27/76)
  • "Kodak Moments" (KBFH plus some early demos)
  • "JFK" (Tokyo 4/20/79, different source; 2-CDs)
  • "Day 1" (Tokyo 4/18/79)
  • "Day 3" (Tokyo 4/20/79, 3rd source, more complete; 2-CDs)
  • "Demos & Unreleased" (same as "Mission Aborted")
  • "Never Released Third Album" (same as "Mission Aborted")
  • "Land Over Cleveland" (Cleveland 1976)
  • "Stagestruck" (Mankato, MN, 5/16/95; 2-CDs)
  • "Landed Again" (Concorde, CA, 8/13/97; 2-CDs)
  • "Live Spectacular" (KBFH, complete show)
  • "Party At Stadium 1979" (1979)
  • "Nashville Spectacular" (Nashville, TN 8/20/04; 2-CDs)
  • "Feeling It Live In Cleveland" (Cleveland 1976; vinyl, 2-LPs)

Q. Are there any unreleased and/or rare BOSTON songs?
A. Several that are known:
  • 90 Days: this was the original title of what became "More Than A Feeling", demoed around 1971; unreleased.
  • More Than A Feeling: not the same as the song on the first BOSTON album; this tune was written by Brad Delp, and Tom Scholz borrowed its title when re-writing "90 Days"; unreleased.
  • Shakin' [aka "Mother's Milk Shake"]: an early version of "Smokin'"; from the Mother's Milk demo tape.
  • She's A Looker: from the Mother's Milk demo; heavily influenced by The James Gang; a pre-Brad Delp demo also exists from c. 1970 (supposedly, Tom had originally wanted to call the song "She's A Hooker"!).
  • Talkin' To The Wall [aka "Won't Respond"]: also on the Mother's Milk demo, as a medley with "She's A Looker"; reportedly written by Barry Goudreau c. 1970.
  • Shattered Images: a studio version exists on the Mother's Milk demo tape, and a live version (from Philadelphia, 1976) was included as a bonus track on the 2006 Canadian CD re-issue of the debut album; some bootlegs erroneously refer to this song as "Help Me".
  • San Francisco Day [aka "San Francisco Days"]: an early incarnation of "Hitch A Ride"; versions exist on both the "Trashcan" and Mother's Milk demos, and a third demo (recorded before Brad Delp joined the group) is also known to exist; this is the first song that Brad ever demoed with Tom; Barry Goudreau has also indicated that he played on the Mother's Milk version.
  • It Isn't Easy [aka "Life Isn't Easy"]: an early version of "Something About You"; from the "Trashcan" demo.
  • Songs Without Words: copyrighted in 1974 (possibly an early title for "Foreplay").
  • I Don't Know: a possible unreleased song from the early days.
  • Terry: a possible unreleased song from the early days (maybe written by Brad Delp).
  • Disco Madness: recorded in California in 1976, along with "Let Me Take You Home Tonight"; unreleased.
  • Foreplay; Fiveplay; Long Time: a slightly different version of "Foreplay/Long Time"; available on the 1976 promotional album "IT'S A KNOCKOUT".
  • Blues song: an untitled blues number played live in the '70s (it's also known as "This Time" or "Don't Want To Lose It Now"); a version is available on some copies of the King Biscuit show.
  • Television Politician: one of the earliest BOSTON songs (the original version was demoed before Brad Delp joined the band). Played live on the first tours, and resurrected for the brief 1988 tour; a version is available on some copies of the King Biscuit show; apparently co-written by someone outside the BOSTON circle (possibly one of the other singers Tom had worked with).
  • Take A Chance On Rock & Roll: this was just an early title for "Feelin' Satisfied".
  • I Got You, Bad News: supposedly mentioned by Brad in a 1978 interview, although it's likely that the reporter simply misheard "I Got Used To Bad News".
  • Rock On [aka "Rockin' On"]: written by Brad Delp in the late 1970s or early 1980s; part of the song was eventually re-written into "Walk On".
  • It's Been Such A Long Time: this brief interlude (also known as "Long Time Segue") has been used on several tours throughout the years to link various songs.
  • Too Long: the BOSTON Office has mentioned this as the title of an unreleased song, but no other information is known (it has been speculated that "Too Long" and "It's Been Such A Long Time" are one and the same).
  • More Than A Feeling Jam: an extended instrumental often played at the end of "More Than A Feeling" (also known as "'E' Jam").
  • These Are The Words: an unfinished song from the "WALK ON" sessions, written by David Sikes; Sikes and Jesse Bradman would later re-work the song for the "INNOCENT" album.
  • The Hyperspace Pedal Blues (by Tom Scholz): a live-in-the-studio guitar solo performed by Tom as part of the "World Premiere Broadcast Of 'WALK ON'" radio special.
  • Blues รก la Boston [aka "Boston Blues" or "Hey Baby"]: a blues song performed live from 1994-2004; it is commonly known as "Hey Baby" but it has also been sung as "Merry Christmas Baby" and "Happy Birthday Baby"; the lyrics were modified several times over the years.
  • Find What We're Looking For: unfinished song from the mid-1990s, co-written by David Sikes and producer Mike Slamer; Slamer later re-wrote the song with Keith Slack and Chris Thompson of the band Steelhouse Lane -- that version was released on their 1999 album "SLAVES OF THE NEW WORLD".
  • You Threw Love Away: a rocking tune recorded c. 1995-1999; this song features a woman named Beth (Beth Cohen?) on vocals; it has been speculated that this song was an early version of "You Gave Up On Love".
  • Thank You: also recorded c. 1995-1999; this is a ballad featuring Brad Delp on vocals.
  • Nostalgic Mood: the ASCAP song database has an entry for a song with this title, written by David Sikes and published by Hideaway Hits (Tom's song publisher); no other information is known.
  • Dream Theme: another song in ASCAP's database; written by David Sikes & Jesse Bradman and published by Hideaway Hits (Sikes and Bradman wrote several other songs c. 1989-1999 but it isn't known if any others were formally offered to BOSTON).
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen: BOSTON first performed an instrumental arrangement of this Christmas carol at the December 1994 House Of Blues shows; in December 2002 they performed a version (featuring some vocals) for radio station WHJY in Boston; later in 2002 a studio rendition of the song (mostly instrumental, with Kimberley on vocals in the intro) was made available for download at Boston.org; the 2002 studio version was remixed in 2013 and released to iTunes. Tom also performed a solo rendition as part of the Boston Ballet's "Nutcracker" in December 1997.
  • Brian's Dimension: this was an early title for "Turn It Off" (Anthony Cosmo wrote several other songs during this time period; two others were sold to Tom in 2000, but the titles aren't known).
  • unknown songs: 2 completed songs were reported to various BOSTON fan forums in early 2007. One was an uptempo song featuring Brad Delp on vocals; the other was a ballad featuring Kimberley Dahme on vocals. (These may have been "Sail Away" and "If You Were In Love".)
  • The Way You Look Tonight: Tom recorded a total of 4 versions of this song (with 4 different lead singers), but so far only the version with Tommy DeCarlo has been released.
  • Last Day Of School: Tom has considered releasing a "piano version" of the song (which was originally written as a piano solo piece).
  • Brother John (by The Monks): unreleased track from the '60s, featuring Brad Delp.
  • Nowhere Man and Rain (by The Monks): two Beatles covers demoed around 1966, both featuring Brad Delp.
  • Alone (by Brad Delp): demo from 1973, recorded with Roger Carmody and Tom Febonio.
  • When I Saw Your Eyes (by Brad Delp and Vini Contreas): demo from the late '70s or early '80s; unreleased.
  • That's All Love Is; So Long; Voice Of The Man Who Loves You; Rene (by Brad Delp): recorded with Roger Carmody in the spring of 1982. The songs are slated for a Brad Delp retrospective CD in 2016.
  • Micki; The Great Pretender; Destiny (by Brad Delp): these three songs were recorded by Brad in the 1980s. The backing musicians included Steve Baker (keyboards) and Muzz (drums) from BeatleJuice, plus Brad's friend Mark Miller on guitar. "The Great Pretender" is a version of The Platters' hit, and "Destiny" features lyrics that were originally written for the BOSTON song "Don't Look Back".
  • Not A Second Time; One Of A Kind; Echoes Of Love (by Brad Delp): recorded with Mark Miller in 1988. "Not A Second Time" is a Beatles cover.
  • Without A Reason (by Brad Delp): written by Delp and Steve Baker.
  • Sunday In The Dark (by Brad Delp): recorded with Steve Baker (piano & vocals) in the mid-1990s.
  • Please Love Me (by Brad Delp).
  • Playing For Keeps (by Keith Emerson & Brad Delp): recorded for the 1983 film "Playing For Keeps".
  • Oh! Darling (by Brad Delp): unreleased Beatles cover.
  • Cosmo Rock (by Orion The Hunter): performed live on their 1984 tour; also known as "Back In '65".
  • Hold On (by Brad Delp): this was the theme song for the 1996 indie film "The Runaways," which featured Brad's son John Michael in a small role; the song was written by Gary Pihl.
  • Dangerous (by RTZ): originally released only as a bonus track on Japanese pressings of "LOST"; it was later included as a bonus track on "LOST IN AMERICA".
  • What He Wants [aka "Give It All"]: written by Barry Goudreau, Brian Maes, and David Stefanelli c. 1986.
  • Shine On (This Breaking Heart): written by Barry Goudreau, Brian Maes, David Stefanelli, and Michael Troy c. 1987.
  • Final Days (by RTZ): unreleased demo by RTZ
  • Show Me The World (by Fran Cosmo): a song written by Fran Cosmo in late 2001 and recorded by 2004.
  • It's Your Voice (by Fran Cosmo): a tribute to Brad Delp, recorded for Fran's unreleased solo album.
  • Casual Way, Dear God, Politician's Greed, Run To The Fire, Clap Your Hands: unreleased songs co-written by Fran and Anthony Cosmo, 1995-2000.
  • Rockin' Away (by Brad Delp & Barry Goudreau): the last song written by Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau; it was recorded by Brad and Barry with Sib Hashian in 2006; it was also performed by RTZ at the Brad Delp tribute concert.

Q. Are there any BOSTON cover songs?
A. Yes. Here is a list of known cover songs (some of which haven't been officially released):

"More Than A Feeling":
  • *Treepeople (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • Bad Habit (on "After Hours", 1989)
  • Lunachicks (on the "Sushi Ala Mode" Japanese E.P, 1993)
  • Shinehead (on "Troddin'", 1995)
  • Meow (on "Goalie For The Other Team", 1995)
  • Bert Heerink (The Netherlands, 1995)
  • Sleater-Kinney (on "Move Into The Villa VillaKulla" compilation, 1996)
  • Foreskin 500 (7" single, 1996; B-side is titled "Less Than A Feeling"!)
  • Professors Of Faith (on "Along The Temple", 1996)
  • The Moog Cookbook (on "Ye Olde Space Bande", 1997)
  • Big Mess Orchestra (on "A Little Trash Goes A Long Way", 1997)
  • No Mercy (on "More", 1998)
  • Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers (on "Rock The Party", 1998)
  • 'N Sync (on European pressings of "'N Sync", 1998)
  • Spur Of The Moment (Brandeis University a cappella group, 1999)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Peter Sundell & Ronni Le Tekro (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
  • Agro (on "Gouda Than Hell", 2004)
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
  • Celso Celli (on "Love Songs From Metal Bands", 2003)
  • The Hit Crew (on "30 Greatest 70's" and "30 Greatest Classic Rock")
  • I Concept featuring Keith Murrell (CD single)
  • Ingram Hill (on the "Herbie: Fully Loaded" soundtrack, 2005)
  • Stafford Brothers featuring Peter Millwood (on "Wild Summer 2006", 2006)
  • Sylvain Cossette (on "70s")
  • Florida State University Marching Band (on "Decades"?)
  • University Of California Marching Band (on "California, Here's To Thee")
  • A Hard Mountain (on "International Chartbreakers Vol. VIII", 2006)
  • Alan White (on "'70s Box: The Sound Of A Decade", 2007)
  • AVID All Stars (on "USA Rock Party Classics"/"Rock Party Anthems", 2007)
  • WaveGroup (on "The Guitar Hero Recordings Vol. 1", 2007)
  • UNC Achordants (on "High-Stakes Old Maid", 2007)
  • Phat Strad (on "Electric String Quartet", 2008)
  • The Studio Sound Ensemble (on "70s Covers Of The '70s", 2008)
  • Hit The Lights (on "Punk Goes Classic Rock", 2010)
  • 4th Stage (BOSTON tribute band; posted to their Myspace page)
  • 'Muzak' version
  • 'Karaoke' version
  • Doubletake (a capella version)
  • Nirvana (one partial live performance in 1992)
  • Limp Bizkit (they performed it live at least once, in June 2001)
  • Smalltown Poets (live concerts only?)
  • Chris Cornish (unconfirmed)
  • Homesteaders (unconfirmed)
  • MC Me (unconfirmed)
  • The Palm Strings (unconfirmed)
  • Paul Brooks (unconfirmed)
  • The Limestones (unconfirmed)
"Rock & Roll Band":
  • *Fitz Of Depression (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • The New Duncan Imperials (on "We're In A Band", 1993)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Terry Brock & Vinny Burns (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
  • Charge (recorded, c. 2000; often found on Napster and other download sites)
  • 4th Stage (BOSTON tribute band; posted to their Myspace page)
  • The Throwbacks (unconfirmed)
  • Dave Betros (unconfirmed)
  • *Paste (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Rascal Flatts (on "Live" EP, 2005)
  • 4th Stage (BOSTON tribute band; posted to their Myspace page)
  • Phish (several live performances of "Foreplay/Long Time", 1994-2001)
  • Mr. Big (live performances of "Foreplay/Long Time" c. 1990)
"Long Time":
  • *Roger Nusic & Ketchup & Mayonaise (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Lisa Guyer with Barry Goudreau (on "Leap Of Faith", 2000)
  • Static Revenger featuring the Mullet Men (on 12" single, 2001)
  • Steve Overland (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
  • Rascal Flatts (on "Live" EP, 2005)
  • 4th Stage (BOSTON tribute band; posted to their Myspace page)
  • Bob Rivers (parody version called "Long Time Since We Made An Album"!)
  • Phish (several live performances of "Foreplay/Long Time", 1994-2001)
  • Mr. Big (live performances of "Foreplay/Long Time" c. 1990)
  • *Cog (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • Cocktail Nuts (on "Cocktail Nuts", 1998)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Tony O'Hara (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
"Peace Of Mind":
  • *Witchy Poo (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Peter Sundell & Vinny Burns (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
  • 4th Stage (BOSTON tribute band; posted to their Myspace page)
  • Stryper featuring Tom Scholz (released to iTunes in 2008)
  • Moxy Fruvous (unconfirmed)
  • Sonlight Youth Choir (unconfirmed)
  • The Disco Band (unconfirmed)
  • Wheaton Whims (unconfirmed)
  • Northeastern Christian Junior College (unconfirmed)
  • Gary Ruffin (unconfirmed)
"Hitch A Ride":
  • *Herschel Steamdonkey (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Sean Harris (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
"Something About You":
  • *Freebird (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • Tony O'Hara (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
"Let Me Take You Home Tonight":
  • *Karp (on the "Bostonot!" E.P.)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
"Don't Look Back":
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Sean Harris & Peter Sundell, with Tony Denander ("Tribute To Boston", 2002)
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
  • 'Muzak' version
"It's Easy":
  • Terry Brock (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
"A Man I'll Never Be":
  • Chris Ousey (on the Japan pressing of the "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • Extreme (live version on the "Come Together" tribute DVD, 2008)
  • David Victor (on "Strength Of Conviction", 2011)
  • 'Karaoke' version
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
  • Lord Nelson (unconfirmed)
"Feelin' Satisfied":
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
  • Charge (recorded c. 2000; often found on Napster and other download sites)
  • Stan Ruffin (unconfirmed)
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
  • The Countdown Singers (on "#1 Hits - Superhits", 2000)
  • Steve Overland (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
  • Brooklyn Queens (on CD maxi-single with 6 remixes, 2002)
  • The Starlite Singers (on "Hits Of The 80s", "20 Best Of 80's Hits", "No 1 80's Favorites", etc.)
  • Calcinha Preta (2008)
  • John Jed
  • 'Karaoke' version
  • Johnnie Rogers (unconfirmed)
"We're Ready":
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
"Cool The Engines":
  • Chris Ousey & Tony Denander (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
  • Boston Tribute Band (on "A Guitar Tribute To Boston" CD, 2005)
"I Think I Like It":
  • Jon English (on "Live & Learn", 2000)
"Can'tcha Say":
  • Timmy Lewis (on Escape Music's "Tribute To Boston" CD, 2002)
"Higher Power":
  • Bluegrass version (on "Smokin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston", 2000)
"Shattered Images":
  • 4th Stage (BOSTON tribute band; posted to their Myspace page under the title "Help Me")
"Dreams" (Barry Goudreau song):
  • RTZ (an official live rendition was released on the "Come Together" tribute DVD, 2008)
"So You Ran" (Orion The Hunter song):
  • The Jeff Austin Project (on "Go Big Or Stay Home", 2002)
"Until Your Love Comes Back Around" (RTZ song):
  • Brian Maes (on "The Seed", 1997 -- titled "Back Around")
  • Ernie & The Automatics (on "Low Expectations", 2009 -- titled "Back Around")
"What You Leave Behind" (Delp & Goudreau song):
  • RTZ (official live version released on "Come Together" tribute DVD, 2008)
"Rockin' Away" (Delp & Goudreau song):
  • RTZ (official live version released on "Come Together" tribute DVD, 2008)

* "Bostonot!" was a double-E.P. (two 7" records) that was released by an independent label in Washington state in the early 1990s. It featured various alternative-type bands interpreting the songs from the first BOSTON album. It is no longer in print.

Q. Has BOSTON ever performed other artist's material?
A. On a few rare occasions, yes:
  • At the 12/13/94 concert at the Harvard Square House Of Blues, they performed versions of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (instrumental) and John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". The band also performed "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" at the 12/6/02 WHJY radio broadcast and later released a studio version. (Also, Brad Delp and Kimberley Dahme did a version of "Happy Xmas" for a 2006 Christmas show on local radio station WZID.)
  • Since 1995, almost every Boston concert opened with an instrumental version of "The Star Spangled Banner." A studio version of the song was issued on a promotional CD single in 1994; it was later released (with some added reverb and echo) on the "Greatest Hits" album.
  • On the final show of the 1995 tour, BOSTON performed the Steppenwolf song "Born To Be Wild," featuring a roadie named 'Chainsaw' on lead vocals; Chainsaw later made a return appearance at the August 11, 1997 soundcheck in San Diego, singing a version of AC/DC's "Highway To Hell."
  • During 1997 soundchecks the band would occasionally play other artists' songs, including Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready."
  • A number of songs on "CORPORATE AMERICA" had been previously recorded. "Stare Out Your Window", "Turn It Off" and "Cryin'" had been demoed by Anthony Cosmo, and "With You" had been released on Kimberley's "UNPLUGGED IN BERLIN" CD in 2000.
  • the song "Magdalene" was originally recorded in 1982 by the Pennsylvania-based band Hybrid Ice.
  • In 2013 Tom recorded a version of "O Canada", which was included as a bonus track on some versions of "LIFE, LOVE & HOPE". 
  • at least one concert in 2017 featured a brief cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love".

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